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Premium 40pc Coax Adapter Set

Donít ever be without the coaxial adapter you need. Forty component parts interchangeably screw together to form up to 192 different types of coax adapters.

The secret to this versatile 40pc. Coax Adapter set is the special in-between fittings that allow you to assemble virtually any coaxial adapter in a matter of seconds. Mix and match to suit your needs!

A handy problem solver for those unique situations, this set replaces a drawer full of adapters. Premium quality adapters feature gold plated center pins, Teflon insulators and gold plating overall for low loss conductivity. Adapts N, BNC, TNC, SMA, UHF, mini-UHF, RCA, and F type interconnections. Set comes packaged in a soft zippered storage case. It's the perfect addition to your tool kit.

  • 40pc Coax Adapter Kit INCLUDES
  • Threaded Interconnects (8)
  • N-Type Adapters, Male (2)
  • N-Type Adapters, Female (2)
  • UHF Adapters, Male (2)
  • UHF Adapters, Female (2)
  • Mini-UHF Adapters, Male (2)
  • Mini-UHF Adapters, Female (2)
  • SMA Adapters, Male (2)
  • SMA Adapters, Female (2)
  • BNC Adapters, Male (2)
  • BNC Adapters, Female (2)
  • TNC Adapters, Male (2)
  • TNC Adapters, Female (2)
  • F-Connector Adapters, Male (2)
  • F-Connector Adapters, Female (2)
  • RCA Adapters, Male (2)
  • RCA Adapters, Female (2)
  • Zippered Storage Case
Premium 40pc Coax Adapter Set
Item #: 37480
Weight: 2 lbs.

Last Update: 24th March 2018
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