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Test-Um NT950 Validator Network Certifier
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Datacom Test Equipment

NT950 Validator Network Cabling Certifier

The NT950 Validator Network Cabling Certifier measures and presents fast and clear Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 IEEE 802.3 SPEED and PERFORMANCE results up to 1 gigabit.

The NT950 Validator's Speed certification testing assures the cabling will do the job it is rated to do, enabling your network switches, hubs, routers and systems to operate at maximum efficiency.

Store, download and document all of your test results quickly and easily with the included Plan-Um software. Plan-Um links together all the different cable criteria that are found in complex voice/data/video installations and presents this information in concise printed reports, while storing data for future use. Simply layout your installation’s requirements in a matter of minutes, then define the cable types and locations. Test/certify each cable run, print the results and attach them to your report. Documenting your results has never been easier!

Test-Um JDSU Validator™ kit includes: Validator Main Unit and 1 Wiremap Smart Remote; 2 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Long-Life Batteries; 2 AC Adapter/Charger Units; Test Connectors; 8-Position Shielded Modular Jack (data); 6-Position Modular Jack (telephone); F-Coax (video) and Dual Banana Jack (security, speaker, etc.); USB Cable Assembly; Plan-Um ™ Design Layout Software; Cable Certification Labels (roll of 100) and Deluxe Carrying Case with Cushioned Sides

  • TDR, Volt Meter and Tone Generator in One Tool
  • Measures Distance to Shorts/Opens up to 2500 feet
  • Over 60 Pre-Stored Standard & Four User Defined NVP Values
  • Measures & Displays Voltages up to 250 Volts RMS
  • Transmits a Tone onto the Line for Cable Tracing
  • Standard Banana Jack Connectors are Compatible for Testing Any Cable Type
Signal Quality Testing
• Wiremap up to 20 locations at a time
• Length of cable (TDR) distance to Opens and Shorts
• NEXT—All combinations on all pairs (12)
• Channel Response
• Echo Testing (Return Loss)— impedance mismatches
• Signal to Noise Ratio
• Attenuation
• Amplitude
• Return Loss

NT950 Validator Network Certifier
NT950 Validator Network Cabling Certifier
Item #: 37950
Weight: 12 lbs.

Last Update: 21st April 2018
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