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Tempo Sidekick 7B Copper Loop Tester

This powerful, hand-held Sidekick meter quickly and accurately uncovers intermittent POTS/Copper Loop troubles that other test sets simply can't detect.

Tempo's Sidekick 7B Copper Loop tester performs a battery of critical tests to identify and troubleshoot difficult, intermittent POTS copper loop problems.

The legendary Sidekick 7B loop tester enables you to identify frequently missed faults and, also, tests and qualifies the transmission quality of POTS lines.

Tests performed by the Tempo Sidekick 7B meter include: Stress testing (reads audible noise on a stressed pair), and Leakage testing (finds intermittent resistance faults).

  • Determines the stressed noise susceptibility of dry and working pairs
  • Measures resistance, AC/DCvolts, and capacitive kick
  • Provides tone for twisted pair or crossed conductor identification
  • Single setup for testing Tip-Ring, Tip-Ground, and Ring-Ground
  • Minimal drying effect in all ranges
  • Field replaceable leads
  • Softcase with adjustable strand hook
  • Low battery indicator light
Sidekick Specifications
Rx1: Reads 0 to 2000 Ohms
Rx1K: Reads 0 to 2 Megohms
Rx10K: Reads 0 to 20 Megohms
DC Voltage
0 to 100 Volts DC
AC Voltage
0 to 250 Volts RMS
Stress Balance
0 to 82 dBmC
Tempo Sidekick 7B Copper Loop Tester
Item #: 43447
Weight: 5 lbs.
43447 Description:
Sidekick 7B Copper Loop Tester

Last Update: 25th October 2016
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