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Thomas & Betts Crimp Die Sets

TBM14M - Thomas & Betts Shell-Type Crimp Die Sets

Interchangeable Crimping dies from T&B crimp terminals, lugs, C-Taps to 900 MCM and Aluminum H-Taps.

Thomas & Betts Color-Keyed Shell-type dies are designed for use in the TBM14M Manual hydraulic crimper (#39205) and the TBM15 hydraulic crimpers (#39242).

NOTE: The TBM15 requires the #39240 U-die Adapter in order to use the U-Type shell dies!

Dies are made of hardened steel and are also color-coded for easy identification. Each die set produces an embossed Code# on the crimped lug or terminal to ensure a proper size crimp die was used.

We carry T&B's full line of Shell-dies for terminals, lugs, C-Taps and H-Taps. See the tables below for details.

  • Each die set is Color-Keyed for quick, proper die selection.
  • Embossed Code # ensures a reliable and verifiable crimp every time!

Thomas & Betts Color-Keyed Crimp Dies for "C" Taps & Lugs

These T&B Die Sets are for use with Color-Keyed Terminals, Lugs and Copper C-Taps.

Weight: 0.5

Part #Code #Wire Size (AWG)Die ColorFitsPriceQty.Order
39206218 AWGRedTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
39207246 AWGBlueTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
39208294 AWGGrayTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
39209332 AWGBrownTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
39210371 AWGGreenTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
3921142H1/0 AWGPinkTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
39212452/0 AWGBlack/GoldTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
39213503/0 AWGOrange/BrownTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
3921454H4/0 AWGPurple/GreenTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
3921562250 MCMYellowTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
3921666300 MCMWhiteTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
3921771H350 MCMRedTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
3921876H400 MCMBlueTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
3921980350 MCMBlackTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
3922087H500 MCMBrownTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
3922194H600 MCMGreenTBM15 ONLY$490.00
3922294H600 MCMGreenTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
3922399H535 MCMPinkTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
39224106H750 MCMBlackTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00
39225107H800 MCMOrangeTBM15 ONLY$490.00
39226112HBus Bar TapsPurpleTBM15 ONLY$490.00
39227115H900 MCMYellowTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$232.00

Thomas & Betts Color-Keyed Die Sets for Aluminum "H" Taps

These T&B Die Sets are for use with Color-Keyed Aluminum H-Taps.

Weight: 0.5

Part #Code #MainBranch 1/2/3Die ColorFitsPriceQty.Order
3923037R8-14 AWG8-14 / - / -GreenTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$540.00
3923171R2-8 AWG2-8 / 8-14 / 8-14BrownTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$540.00
3923280R250MCM-2AWG250-14 / 8-14 / -PurpleTBM14M & TBM15 w/adapter$540.00

Last Update: 18th March 2018
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